ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is a common problem in many kids nowadays. Consistent ADHD will make it difficult for the child to interact, learn and develop social and communication skills in school. The parents of ADHD children are often advised to go to the mental health department and educational professional for help. However, it is essential to select the right specialist for ADHD assessment. Specialised psychologists majorly do ADHD assessments for a child in London. Here are a few things you must remember while selecting the right doctor for ADHD assessment. 

How to Find the Right Person for ADHD Assessment?

Consult a Primary Care Doctor

Contact the primary care doctor or the paediatrician of your child first. If the child is diagnosed with ADHD, then the paediatrician Is the first person who can help you with the diagnosis. They will also suggest to the psychiatrist or mental health specialist where you can go for the treatment. The specialist can properly counsel the child and help them cope with a normal lifestyle.

Consult Psychiatric Nurses

In an emergency, you can also visit psychiatric nurses with master’s or doctorate-level degrees with equivalent training. They are certified and will work properly and guide you with the treatment. The nurses are licensed in mental health and can provide initial medication to the ADHD-affected child. 

Contact a Psychologist

Pay a visit to a psychologist. They are skilled and trained in dealing with different psychological issues. If the child has ADHD, there is a high probability that the child will have anxiety,  emotional distress and anger issues. You must consult a psychologist immediately to understand your child’s brain working process. They will also test the IQ level of your child and help you with how you deal with your child. 

 Take Help from a Psychiatrist

 Similar to a psychologist; a psychiatrist can also help you. They can help you with the diagnosis of ADHD. They will also prescribe medicine, counselling therapy and behaviour therapy for your child as per the extent of the ADHD problem that your child is facing. 

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