Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, is a neurodevelopmental disorder that generally affects adults and kids. The main characteristics include losing concentration, hyperactivity and impulsivity.

Most people think ADHD is related with hyperactivity, impulsiveness and different behaviours. 

But as per the ADHD clinic in London, there is also a subtle type of ADHD- or the inattentive type.  This version is characterised by difficulty paying attention to minor things, but there is no hyperactivity.

Here Are Some Crucial Symptoms You Can See Often In Inattentive ADHD

The individuals need help placing all the tasks and materials correctly.  It can lead to a disorganised workplace or home. ADHD patients also face difficulties in doing tasks that will lead to poor and incomplete work done faster.

Such patients with inattentive ADHD might have a hard memory of keeping track of all their belongings.  It can lead to frequent loss of objects like keys and phones.

ADHD patients also face difficulties in following instructions, even when the instructions are given right and well explained. It can lead to problems in school and work areas.  Even the patients also face issues in cooking and doing tasks.

They need help paying attention in class and also in meetings.  People who have attentive ADHD have a hard time paying attention while taking lectures and meetings.  It will lead to misunderstanding and poor performance at schools and colleges.

Always Prioritise Emotional Well-being for ADHD patients

Everyone knows that emotional well-being is very important in overall mental health.  For those who are suffering from ADHD, prioritising emotional well-being can be beneficial in

  • Improved mood regulation
  • Enhancing resilience in the face of challenges
  • Reduced level of stress

If you know someone with ADHD, you must tell them to engage in self-care practices that will further their emotional well-being.  Some activities include mindfulness exercises, relaxation techniques and engaging in some enjoyable activities. They help the patients to have a buffer against all issues with ADHD.

For any ADHD patients, it is very important to seek professional help.  Where needed, do not hesitate to get help from the experts at an ADHD clinic in London.

 The professionals not only offer support and manage ADHD but also tailor strategies to cope with certain mechanisms.  Therapy helps in developing a deep understanding of ADHD, works on emotional ups and downs and also brings about self-compassion.

If you want help from an ADHD specialist, feel free to talk with the expert from Mind MD Limited.  Visit our website to know more.