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Is your child diagnosed with ADHD? A clear diagnosis and understanding of the issue can help you eliminate the problem. Start the treatment with proper counselling sessions from our ADHD clinic in London. Book your appointment with an ADHD Doctor for specialist ADHD assessments and treatment for children and young people aged 5 to 17 years.

We have specialists who will check your child’s behaviour, analyse their medical history and make the analysis accordingly. ADHD is a difficult concept to grasp. More difficult is the assessment.

For correct assessment of ADHD, contact the ADHD clinic in London. We offer private ADHD diagnosis sessions for your child. Know what your child can achieve with ADHD.

Get Rid Of ADHD Misconceptions – Let Your Child’s Imagination Fly

More than 10% of children around the world are affected by ADHD. However, sometimes the diagnosis might take long enough. This causes untreatable damage to the child’s brain. At ADHD Doctor, we offer comprehensive diagnostic evaluation.

 Our consultants keep one-on-one discussions with every child separately and design the treatment process accordingly. Don’t hold back. Book your appointment at our London ADHD Clinic as soon as possible and get your child back to normal life.





ADHD is a treatable neurodevelopmental condition. It occurs more often in boys and is easily missed in girls. In the UK, there’s often a delay in diagnosis, with the average age at diagnosis reported as 11 years. ADHD affects each individual differently, and everyone’s story of living with ADHD is uniquely different. The difficulties from ADHD are present at home, at school and in other social settings such as sporting clubs. ADHD has a heritability of between 60-70%, which suggests that it runs in families. It is believed to be the result of several genes, each with a small effect contributing to the clinical picture. It occurs in about 5-6 in every 100 children, regardless of geographical or cultural variation. ADHD symptoms are categorised as difficulties of impairments in three domains: inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. ADHD will persist into adulthood in about two-thirds of children diagnosed with the condition.



Oftentimes, a child or young person may have ADHD alongside other behavioural, emotional or neurodiverse conditions such as autism, oppositional defiance disorder, conduct disorder, substance misuse problems or a mood and anxiety disorder. This coexistence (or co-morbidity) may complicate the clinical picture and make diagnosis and treatment a bit more difficult. Complex ADHD also presents young people with even more difficulties and challenges.





Outcomes may be categorised into academic attainment, anti-social behaviour, non-medicinal drug use/addictive behaviour, obesity, occupational difficulties, self-esteem, relationships and social functioning. Without treatment, children and young people with ADHD have poorer outcomes in all categories. Treatment for ADHD improved long-term outcomes compared with untreated ADHD*

*Shaw et al, BMC Medicine 2012, 10:99 | Arnold et al, Journal of Attention Disorders 2020, vol.24 (1) 73-85


Book a gold standard assessment at our London ADHD clinic to confirm the diagnosis. A ‘gold standard’ assessment has four elements. First, we’ll get you and your parents to complete a general health form. Then, we’ll send you, your parents, and your teacher a link to complete Conners’ assessment forms. The consultant psychiatrist then meets you for a clinical interview during which the Young DIVA-5 is completed. There’s also a review of any relevant school or previous assessment reports.



ST, Mother of 9-year old boy

‘…We highly recommend Dr Balogun. Our son was diagnosed and on medication within 2 months. Had we waited to do this locally on the NHS, it could have taken up to 3 years just to receive a diagnosis. This was not acceptable to us as our son was really struggling at school. Dr Balogun has a wonderful happy demeanour, not only is he incredibly supportive to his patients, but to us parents too. Our son adores Dr Balogun who is extremely friendly, warm and empathetic…throughout the whole process, Dr Balogun engaged our son helping him feel empowered in the decisions made about his treatment plan and medication decisions. Our son is in a much better place now. He now enjoys school and learning, and he finds it much easier to focus on all types of tasks and complete those tasks where he was extremely scattered before. Thank you, Dr Balogun for what you have done to help our son. We deeply appreciate all you do to help kids find their confidence and their true selves…’

CAG, Parents of 5 year old boy

‘…thank you so much for helping Saturday’s appointment go as planned, we all very much enjoyed meeting Dr Balogun, who we found to be really impressive and informative. We are encouraged to working with him on the next steps for (our son)…’

ST, Mother of 9 year old boy

‘…it was a pleasure to meet Dr Balogun, he is an incredible person…I am truly grateful/relieved that our son is under his care…’

ST, Mother of 9 year old boy

‘…it was a pleasure to meet Dr Balogun, he is an incredible person…I am truly grateful/relieved that our son is under his care…’

NC, Mother of 15-year old girl:

‘…Thank you to Dr Balogun for (our daughter’s) report which has been very helpful. The positive effects of the validation of (her) experience are already showing…’

JP, Mother of 14-year old boy

‘…The meeting we had with Dr Balogun last Saturday was very informative…’